About Us at Sooner Knives

We are a large family working hard to offer the very best knives at incredible prices – greatly discounted from full retail pricing. Customer Service is our mission!

We are committed to Great Knives at Great Prices with Greater Service!

We started our business at the beginning of 2018, and we have seen a constant growth in demand for our business.  The knife store first started as an eBay-only store, but at the beginning of 2019 we expanded our offerings to include the website you are on and rebranding to: SoonerKnives.com.  We learned a great deal more in product presentation and traffic generation (and we are still learning!), and our eBay store continued to grow as well.

We have come to the place where we have a substantial collection in inventory and have a proven system for order fulfillment and shipping – thus, our ability to ship same day when ordered before noon (CST).  Plus as we have grown, our product reach has grown exponentially – we can get almost anything!

We now offer a large and varied inventory of cutlery, and we can get delivery on most major name brand items within a week or so.  We carry and order: MTech, Hen & Rooster, Bulldog, German Bull, Kizer, Real Steel, Cold Steel, Case, Frost Cutlery, Buck, Kershaw, SOG, Gerber, CRKT, Crowing Rooster, Steel Warrior, Blackhills Steel, Chipaway Cutlery, Wild Turkey Cutlery, Winchester, Schrade, Old Timer, ElitEdge, Buck Creek, Tac Xtreme, Tac Force, and many more . . .

If we don’t have it, contact us with the model and manufacturer – we can probably get it . . . or we will give you any information we can get on where you can get products outside of our reach.

Thank you for your consideration in making us your One-Stop Cutlery Shop!

To All of You, from All of Us at SoonerKnives.com,
Thank You and Happy eCommerce . . .

Sooner Knives
Richard Davis, Owner

Midwest City, OK (US)

Monday – Friday
10:00am – 5:00pm